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I'm a 32-year-old Ruby on Rails web developer. With the help of friends and co-workers, I've been teaching myself Rails. I worked as a Rails developer for Crowd911 in Colorado. I live in Berlin.
In my developer blog I publish a stochastic array of thoughts and ideas, lessons, mistakes, questions and attempts as answers about Rails and Ruby. I am also posting Anki cards that I used to help myself study. In my view most knowledge is about practice. If you have thoughts, questions, ideas, corrections, arguments, feel free to email me at

Fun Rails Commands

Rake about

rake about

tells you about the environment of your application and will detect common installation errors

Controllers and Views

Interesting… for a simple Hello World! App, you only need a controller and a view.  You don’t need a model because no data is involved

rails generate controller also generates a view among other files

rails destroy is the opposite of rails generate.  It deletes all the files and folders that generate created

rails generate controller name action action


When you do rails generate controller, you can also specify actions in the controller that you want to create

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Super Newbie Fun Terminal Commands for Listing Files and Folders

Fun Terminal Commands


show what folders are in the directory you’re currently in.  Very powerful for helping to understand where you are navigation-wise

Path - not a command, but just the word for the route to a file

ls -p 

list folders showing which are directories (/) and which are files

ls -l 


list files showing the rights of different users, last date accessed, file size, etc.

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Some simple VI Editor commands - for getting in and out

VI Editor

type i - to go into input mode 

ESC to go back to command mode

:quit (without saving)

:quit! (without saving)

:w  save without quitting hidden files - 

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

*Note in Mavericks it must be a lower-case ‚f‘ for finder


Bash Profile


To access the Bash Profile using VI, (you might have to create it) go to Users/Henryvw.  This is also the appropriate folder to create your bash_profile if you do not already have one in the Users/Henryvw folder.

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Setting up PostGres on a Mac

PostGres SetUp

After first installing the Enterprise DB installer, which caused massive headaches and problems, and cost me roughly one lost day, I finally had the wisdom to try the homebrew installer -  This worked great.  

After downloading and installing, PostGres, you need to get the server running.  The best way to do this is to put it in the automatic running of your Bash Profile.  To do this, add the following line to your Bash Profile (you can do this using sudo vi /etc/profile.  /etc):

the two lines, 


export PATH


To check if postgres is running, in terminal type 

ps auxwww | grep postgres


Then you must remember… to run rake db:create and rake db:migrate!  Otherwise it will show a PostGres error…

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Key Mac commands on a German keyboard

Pages / Mac Commands on German keyboard

To move an indentation right - Befehl, Umschalt, ö (or Tab)

To move an indentation left - Befehl, Umschalt, ä

Pipe ( | ) is alt + 7

Curly Bracket left ( { ) is alt + 8

Curly Bracket right ( } ) is alt + 9

Square Bracket left ( [ ) is alt + 5

Square Bracket right ( ] ) is alt + 6  

alt shift 7


Tilda ~ you press (left-side) alt + n, and then hit the space bar and it will show up 

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