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I'm a 32-year-old Ruby on Rails web developer. With the help of friends and co-workers, I've been teaching myself Rails. I worked as a Rails developer for Crowd911 in Colorado. I live in Berlin.
In my developer blog I publish a stochastic array of thoughts and ideas, lessons, mistakes, questions and attempts as answers about Rails and Ruby. I am also posting Anki cards that I used to help myself study. In my view most knowledge is about practice. If you have thoughts, questions, ideas, corrections, arguments, feel free to email me at

How can I find my local IP address?

You can find it on Mac OS X either in your system preferences ==> Wi-Fi


by typing in the console


Which gives you a whole panel of settings and information

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What is OOP versus FP in like a few Sentences?

Object Oriented programming is focused on classes and objects. It COUPLES the data (attributes) to the methods inside classes and objects.

Functional programming is focused on methods. It SEPARATES methods from the data. 

FP is good for situations where, as your application evovles, you are mostly adding new methods. SQL is a highly FUNCTIONAL language. 

OOP is good for situations where, as your application evolves, you primarily are adding new data / attributes. Changing a method may require editing many different CLASSES.

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How Does AngularJS Interact with AJAX?

The Google developers who wrote Angular created a service, a series of Javascript methods, that they named $http, to send and receive data from a server via HTTP requests. 

The Angular version of HTTP requests looks like this:


$'/someURL'), {msg:'hello world!'}).


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What Is AJAX In Like One Sentence?

AJAX is HTTP requests happening behind the scenes of your web page, without re-loading the HTML page, to GET or POST data - often via JSON objects.

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URIs and URLs

Screen shot 2015 05 13 at 12.36.57 pm

What is the difference?

A URI is a Unique/Uniform Resource Identifier. It could be compared to a Name (identifier). It is "a compact sequence of characters that identify an abstract or physical resource." Sometimes people even refer to it as a URN.

A URL is a Unique/Uniform Resource Locator. It is the item's name AND its location. It is a "subset" of URIs that, in addition to giving the resource a name/identity, also provide a way to locate it. 

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