Downloading an RDS Database from AWS

1. Create a Snapshot of the database you want to download

2. In the "Snapshots" Section, click "Restore" on the Snapshot. This will create a new database from the snapshot.

3. From your Console, enter a command, pg_dump -h -U root -f dump.sql stock_observer_production is the URL for the database

    -h, -U and -f are unknown commands that are apparently umportant

    "root" here is the username on the database

     dump.sql is the name you will give to the data file you will save

     stock_observer_production is the name of the database itself

After that you will be asked for your password to the database.

Finally, you will get a dump of your database saved in a folder, e.g. dump.sql


(Now you can do stuff like, change it from an SQL to a CSV file using the steps detailed in the previous blog post)

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