Great developer tools: pencil and paper

Great developers use pencil and paper. They write down your problems as questions.

Tonight I noticed that the comments worked in the index, but not in the show.  I was stumped. Then, I took the time to write the problem down.  Just simply, write down the question on a sheet of paper.  Pretty soon I noticed that there was a difference with all the other post variables in show - they were instance variables of post, @post, rather than just „post.“  As soon as I converted the tag to an instance variable, it worked. 

The power of writing down questions, problems, etc, and thinking through them, is miraculous.  I am grateful for this recognition.  Sometimes, too, I notice, one’s mind is weary, one goes down the rathole, and one wants to simply press on and find an obvious solution.  


It can take a bit of Grit to Question.

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